I have deep vision. . . .

I am also an artist, intuitive, master astrologer, Reiki master  ~ and an optimistic realist.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see it at the time, and that that reason can be known.   My goal is awareness, positive expansive outcomes for life and for any given situation.  And I hold a door open to get there with ease and grace...


As an intuitive astrologer, life coach and counselor, I’ve worked with clients around the world guiding them to remember or discover new beginnings, find solutions and answers, reach for new opportunities and goals – and in some cases, understand and realize their life’s purpose.

And I also specialize in choosing the most beneficial times to act in order to reach successful outcomes.   While another important part of my practice is revealing the compatibility between individual, as well as business, relationships, and if there is a powerful interconnected future, a challenge to deal with, difficulties, or no significant or potential connection at all.  

Plus, I work as a Creativity and Goal coach and teach Intuitive Creativity Workshops,  And offer free on-air readings on Blog talk radio 

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